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"Package options is obsolete" but beats "customization"

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: "Package options is obsolete" but beats "customization"
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 01:38:04 +0800

Only now on day 2 and in a different emacs 22 session, after writing
all those bug reports on day 1, do I now see "Package options is
obsolete" in the minibuffer, upon just happening to start

So fine, only now after replying to all my day 1 bug reports, to
inform me that Package options is obsolete, do you now see that I
finally got the message already. So were even.

Messages in the minibuffer have a 50/50 chance of not being seen by
the user. How do you know that they weren't even also covered up by a
different message?

So you should put the message in more places, like at the top of the
*List Options* buffer, etc.

;; The customization buffer feature is intended to make this obsolete.

Not so fast. I run screaming when ever sent to the customization
buffer. "There is a sense that I am not in control."
Indeed I wish there was a script that would translate all the
  ;; custom-set-faces was added by Custom.
  ;; If you edit it by hand, you could mess it up, so be careful.
junk that was written to my .emacs just like I was a little kid in
Microsoft land, back to good old setq's that I can deal with by hand.

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