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Bug#374513: emacs-snapshot: Info dir hidden words obscure versions

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Bug#374513: emacs-snapshot: Info dir hidden words obscure versions
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 22:51:17 +0800

Package: emacs-snapshot
Version: 1:20060518-1
Severity: normal
X-debbugs-cc: address@hidden

Gentlemen, (here on Debian, emacs-version "") do C-h i M-x occur gnus:
4 matches for "gnus" in buffer: *info*
    242:* Gnus: (emacs-21/gnus).                The newsreader Gnus.
    247:                                        goes with Gnus.
    302:* Gnus: (emacs-snapshot/gnus).          The newsreader Gnus.
    307:                                        goes with Gnus.
But that exposes hidden words. What the user actually sees in the *info*
buffer is

* Gnus:  The newsreader Gnus.
* Gnus:  The newsreader Gnus.

I.e., two identical items.

Furthermore, when one hits C-h m, one sees no mention of "Narrow"
mode, even though it is in the modeline.

And further again, though there are two gnuses, when we hit m gnus tab, we get
Menu item: Gnus [Sole completion]
Misleading us again, unless we poke around below by hand.
Hoodwink conspiracy.

P.S., We even try
`C-x n w'
     Widen to make the entire buffer accessible again (`widen').
And indeed the word "Narrow" dissappears from the modeline. However
the hidden text is still hidden.

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