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fix for ange-ftp with VAX

From: Dean Kolosiek
Subject: fix for ange-ftp with VAX
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 08:38:16 -0000

I have a fix for lisp/net/ange-ftp.el with a VAX. The VAX has OpenVMS V6.2, and Multinet V4.1(16). This ftp server does not handle the '-al' part of the ls command. ange-ftp gives the ls -al command on the directory before determining that the host is vms. The result is that the first attempt to open a file fails. The problem repeats when the server times out the connection and ange-ftp connects again.

I am using Emacs 21.3 on Windows, and ange-ftp.el seems to be the same in 21.4. The change I made was to line 3094 in defun ange-ftp-file-name-as-directory:


                             (ange-ftp-host-type (car parsed))


                             (ange-ftp-host-type (car parsed) (nth 1 parsed))

This change passes the user name into ange-ftp-host-type so that it can ftp to the host to determine what the host type is, figures out it is vms, and uses DIR instead of ls -al. Without this change it just guesses that the host type is unix.

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