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GUD: Support for package-directive within Java/JDB

From: Nicolai Stange
Subject: GUD: Support for package-directive within Java/JDB
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 15:31:21 +0200
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I just notified when I've attached my GUD/JDB to a running Java instance, that 
the debugger doesn't know about the sources although they're into an Emacs 
In fact GUD seems to issue an `use PATH_WHERE_JAVA_FILE_IS' instead of a 

starts with a 
`package org.openoffice.nicolai_stange.calc.linreg;'

Now instead of issuing a 
`use home/nic/projectdir'
to JDB, a
`use /home/nic/projectdir/org/openoffice/nicolai_stange/calc/linreg' 
is sent to it when typing `M-x jdb' in the LinReg.java-buffer.

That's really annoying because everytime I want to start a debug session (very 
often ;), I have to setup the correct path manually within the GUD-buffer.

Could this be changed?
I can't, because my ELISP is just good enough for writing my .emacs-file...

Thank you!

Nicolai Stange

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