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Typos in the Widget library documentation

From: Roberto Rodríguez
Subject: Typos in the Widget library documentation
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 17:19:15 -0300

In the 'User Interface' node:

* A form consist [ -> CONSISTS ] of read only text for documentation...

* The top level widget in is [ -> THIS ] example are tagged...

* Embedded buttons are not associated with a fields [ -> ANY FIELD ], but can 
any purpose...

* Activating one of these will convert it to the other..... You can create it [ 
-> THEM ] with the
checkbox widget.

* The 'Apply Form' [AND] 'Reset Form' buttons

Basic Types:

* The following keyword arguments that [s/that//] apply to all widgets:
<describes the arguments...>


* The value should be a string, which will be inserted in [THE] field.


* The value of a list widget is a list containing the value of
each of its component [-> COMPONENTS].

* To get variable length lists and vectors, you can use a choice,
set, or repeat widgets [-> WIDGET] together with the :inline keywords

* For example, to specify a list whose first element must
be a file name, and whose remaining arguments should either by [-> BE]
the symbol t or two files, you can...

* Allows you to specify a type which must be a list whose elements all
belong to [THE] given set. 

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