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Typos in Ada Mode docs

From: Roberto Rodríguez
Subject: Typos in Ada Mode docs
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 17:54:12 -0300

In the 'Project Files' node:

This file contain [ -> contains ] all needed information dealing with
the way...  

To cancel your modifications, simply kill the buffer or
click on the [CANCEL] button at the button [ -> bottom ].

...so the first choice is to use this variable [ variable's ] settings, and otherwise...

Identifier Completion:

you just have to type the first few letters of an identifiers [ ->
identifier ], and then...

The second method is specific to Ada buffer [ -> buffers ], and

File Browser:

A better way might be to assicate [ -> associate ] the following key

Automatic Casing:

No letters is [ -> are ] modified in the previous word, except the

Automatic casing can be performed on port or whole [ -> part of or the
whole ] buffer using: ...


This selection [ -> section ] will focus on the gdb debugger, and two
of the graphical interfaces that exist for it.

...whereas you still have the graphical nifties, you can also you [ ->
use ] the cross-references features that Ada mode provides to look at
the definition...

Using non-standard file names:

Note that it is possible to redefine the extension [ -> extensions ],
even if they already exist...

Working Remotely:

When you work on project [ -> projects ] that involve a lot of
programmers, it is generally the case...

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