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Re: SCCS version control cannot cope when latest delta is of type 'remov

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: SCCS version control cannot cope when latest delta is of type 'removed'
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 12:36:41 -0700
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Kevin Rodgers wrote:
Chet Wood wrote:
 > Suggested Fix:
 > The search should skip the top delta in the sccs file if it is of type
 > "removed", and return the version number of the next delta.
 > But IMHO it would be more robust to run the command "sccs
 > prt filename" to obtain the version, rather than relying on the
 > internal file format, assuming this works on all platforms.

Your second suggestion may be more robust, but since vc-parse-buffer
returns a useful value to vc-sccs-workfile-version, I think we can take
advantage of that to implement a simple fix:

Sorry for that hastily-posted cruft.  This problem is already fixed
in the development version; you should be able to use the same fix in
Emacs 21:

(defun vc-sccs-workfile-version (file)
  "SCCS-specific version of `vc-workfile-version'."
    ;; The workfile version is always the latest version number.
    ;; To find this number, search the entire delta table,
    ;; rather than just the first entry, because the
    ;; first entry might be a deleted ("R") version.
    (vc-insert-file (vc-name file) "^\001e\n\001[^s]")
    (vc-parse-buffer "^\001d D \\([^ ]+\\)" 1)))


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