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dueling M-x doctors

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: dueling M-x doctors
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 03:25:29 +0800

We see M-x doctor could be attached to IRC.
Hmmm, implement a dueling doctors function, attaching it to itself.
Below is mail from Mark Symonds.

> Say, did you try this yet,
> $ emacs -f doctor

Ah - interesting!  We did a fun thing with MegaHal circa 1995 or something.
We attached it to a small perlscript using the Net-IRC module and joined it to
IRC.  We would then have it join rooms and start conversations with random
people who didn't know it was a bot.  We could also type on our own to sound
more sensible some of the time.  It's irc nick was "puggy", which is how
puggy.symonds.net got its name.   Oh the stupidity/hilarity (and the

Some old quotes:

(user) Are you trying to be sarcastic?
(puggy) Its 23:35pm... A bit late to be sarcastic.

(puggy) Avert your eyes!!

(puggy) They should genetically engineer big hunks of pure living, breathing
joy and delight.

(puggy) Should be ok?
(user) Yeah it should
(puggy) Yeah I like that.
(user) I like it too
(puggy) Enjoying my extended holiday.
(user) Oh really? where you taking your holiday?
(puggy) I need a gun in a long holiday?
(user) Hmm.. you may need a gun.. it depends on where you go I suppose.

(user) Hi
(puggy) Hi there. You comfortable?

(puggy) I heard about this guy, walked into a miscreant. Wheee.

(puggy) They vibrate n twist n turn n jiggle about.

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