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From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: tab-always-indent
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 09:23:50 -0700

The documentation to tab-always-indent seems confusing to me.
It says:-
"*Controls the operation of the TAB key.
If t, hitting TAB always just indents the current line.
If nil, hitting TAB indents the current line if point is at the left margin
  or in the line's indentation, otherwise it insert a `real' tab character."

This is the behaviour in text modes, it's very often not the behaviour
in program modes.

In many progmodes there are analogous variables to
tab-always-indent like c-tab-always-indent.  In other progmodes
the feature more-or-less isn't there (eg lisp, scheme, prolog).

I think the doc should mention that it isn't a progmode feature.


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