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Emacs 22.0.91 startup screen

From: Tommi Raulahti
Subject: Emacs 22.0.91 startup screen
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 12:50:15 +0200
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Just compiled and installed newer emacs (were previously running 21.4)
and noticed one things what must be bug or some nasty feature I would
like to configure away...

When I'll open emacs with filename as parameter, I _normally_ don't
see emacs startup screen... well, that happened with all previous
versions with emacs but this 22.*... this new version, when opening it
with filename as parameter, shows this infoscreen before letting me to
see actual file I was opening at the first place...

Question is: is this really what it's supposed to do and if it's
really so, how I can easily configure it to behave in old way to my

I'll really appreciate your help with this little issue I have. I have
been using emacs over 15 years now and can't even think about leaving

Best wishes and happy christmas time to all of you!


OS: OSF/1 5.1
Compiled with cc

- Tommi -

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