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field movement fix: `NEWS' change

From: Ilya N. Golubev
Subject: field movement fix: `NEWS' change
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 19:11:00 +0300

In <82odq9aswt.fsf@mo.msk.ru> of Tue, 12 Dec 2006 21:08:34 +0300 the
emacs `NEWS' patch should be as follows.

The only change is removing references to any local development
branches, just as if the patch is applied to emacs cvs head version.
The rest of the message, including `etc/ChangeLog' entry, is the same.

--- etc/NEWS    2006-12-07 04:58:14 +0300
+++ etc/NEWS    2006-12-07 05:10:21 +0300
@@ -1494,6 +1494,37 @@
 that need to know whether they are started inside Emacs should check
+*** Fixed to respects fields.
+As controlled by `inhibit-field-text-motion'.  As bug fix, certainly
+incompatible with buggy behavior.
+**** Lisp changes.
+The core change is in `comint-line-beginning-position'.  This fixed
+myriads of other functions and commands that depend on it and that
+rely on it to always do so, regardless of `inhibit-field-text-motion'
+user option, at least when `comint-use-prompt-regexp' is `nil'.
+Partial list of these commands is in <Editing changes> section.
+However, other code certainly may rely on old behavior.  Have not seen
+such a code to date.
+Introduced in upstream emacs just after addition of (extant) field
+implementation of 2000-01-01.
+Other non- interactive functions calling it include
+**** Editing changes.
+Include, but not limited to `comint-bol',
+`comint-insert-previous-argument', `comint-backward-matching-input',
+`comint-bol-or-process-mark', `comint-previous-matching-input',
+`comint-send-input', `comint-copy-old-input',
+`shell-backward-command', `shell-dynamic-complete-command' (including
+inside `comint-dynamic-complete' in Shell mode).
 ** M-x Compile changes:

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