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Re: comint loses prompt boundary

From: Ilya N. Golubev
Subject: Re: comint loses prompt boundary
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 02:48:30 +0300
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> `inhibit-field-text-motion' is not a user option.

Confirming that it is not marked so, thus correcting the misstatemet
in my <887iwvis8x.fsf@mo.msk.ru>.  The rest of it, wrt why (the
equivalent of) it being user option is useful and desired, still
holds.  That is, it is at least very convenient to be able to
disregard fields in point movement commands, primarily big- block
ones, like `W' and other in viper vi state.  Still fields should be
honored in commands / functions specifically intended for comint mode,
for buffers with this particular field structure.

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