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c-mark-function goes too far

From: Pete Klammer
Subject: c-mark-function goes too far
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 19:24:13 -0700

In certain cases, `M-C-h' (`c-mark-function') goes too far.  

The bottom (mark) is placed at end-of-buffer, if my function looks like this

void myfunction( void ) {
        mychar = getch() ;

... But if it looks like this, mark is correctly placed after the closing

void myfunction( void )
        mychar = getch() ;

I have my C style set to 'k&r', and all automatic indenting, and even M-C-\
region indenting, is doing as I like.  I suppose putting the opening
function-block brace up on the same line as the function declaration may not
be pure k&r... However, syntactic analysis (C-c C-s) of the closing brace
shows the same information in either case, and besides, it's consistent with
k&r while() and do etc. brace positioning.  So why doesn't c-mark-function
recognize the defun-close and put the mark there?


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