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Problems matching Chinese names in mail-extr.el

From: Brian Schack
Subject: Problems matching Chinese names in mail-extr.el
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 22:37:43 +0800
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The regular expression "mail-extr-initial-pattern", used in
mail-extr.el to match initials in email addresses, has trouble with
Chinese names formatted with spaces.  For example, it incorrectly
identifies the "林" in "林 欣璇" as an initial.  This causes
mail-extr-voodoo to modify the name to "林. 欣璇".

I'd guess the easiest way to fix it would be to extend
mail-extr-disable-voodoo to include Chinese characters:

(defcustom mail-extr-disable-voodoo "\\cj\\|\\cc" ...)

but I'm just guessing.

Yours truly,
Brian Schack

Brian Schack            mailto: brian.schack@usa.net
19 Xǔchāng Street 2F    phone:  2381 4727
Taipei 100              fax:    2381 2145

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