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ansi-term \e[J causes spurious newline

From: Rich Felker
Subject: ansi-term \e[J causes spurious newline
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 02:14:17 -0400
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Test: echo -e 'hello\e[Jworld'
Should print helloworld and clear to end of the screen. Instead it
prints hello on one line and world on the next, after clearing to the
end of the screen. This bug makes busybox shells' cmdedit
functionality unusable.

Removing the calls to term-unwrap-line from term-erase-in-display
fixes the problem, but I don't know if this has any bad side-effects.

Also, I noticed that \e[1J seems to only erase up to the point. To
emulate VT100's Roman-inspired off-by-one idiosyncracies, it should
erase up to point+1, i.e. also erase the character "under" the
terminal cursor.


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