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RE: select and META key

From: Herbert Euler
Subject: RE: select and META key
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 19:23:02 +0800

> >1. Emacs -Q
> >
> >2. open en elisp file. for example edebug.el
> >
> >3. Press left mouse button and select a region. Before to release left
> >mouse button press ALT. While keepeng ALT pressed release mouse button
> >
> >Result: a region is selected, and it cannot be unsected.
> >
> >This is a bug or an feature of emacs unknown by me?
> I think it is secondary selection.  See also (info "(emacs) Secondary
> Selection").

You are right. Thanks.

However, there is surely a bug.  Since you press the Meta key
only before releasing mouse-1, the event is slightly different from
pressing the Meta key before pressing mouse-1: in the former
case the first event is `down-mouse-1', and in the latter the
first event is `M-down-mouse-1'.  Although the outcome is the
event `M-drag-mouse-1' in both cases, `mouse-drag-secondary'
seems not to get executed and other secondary selection
relating commands, such as `mouse-yank-secondary' fails to be

Guanpeng Xu

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