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GNU Emacs: Keybinding consistency

From: Wilmar Igl
Subject: GNU Emacs: Keybinding consistency
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 11:33:44 +0200
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at the moment the following key bindings are applied:

C-c   d:   DirEd (extended)
C-c C-d:   DirEd (brief)

C-c   b:   Buffer Editor (brief)
C-d C-b:   Buffer Editor (extended)

This is confusing.
I'd suggest to synchronize these keybindings in the _Emacs default configuration_ in a consistent way:

C-c   d:   DirEd (brief)
C-c C-d:   DirEd (extended)

IMHO the C-c C-d is easier and faster to type and gives you more information, so it does not stop your workflow so much.



Wilmar IGL (Mr.)

E-mail: wilmar.igl[AT]gmx.de

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