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RE: bad tool-bar icons in Emacs 22.1 release

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bad tool-bar icons in Emacs 22.1 release
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 14:30:24 -0700

> >>> See attached images. The one with the bad tool-bar icons (which
> >>> are also poorly aligned) is from the 22.1 release. The one with
> >>> the good icons is from Lennart Borgman's build of 2007-05-22.
> >>>
> >>> The README said that it would be OK to unpack the complete source
> >>> distribution on top of the Windows distribution, so that's what I did.
> Judging by the type of corruption you are seeing, did the program you
> used to unpack the source distribution also convert the line-ends of
> files to DOS line ends, thus corrupting the image files?

Bingo! Thanks. `find-file-literally' shows ^M at the end of each line.

I read this in the README.W32:

      "Be sure to disable the CR/LF translation or the executables will
      be unusable.  Older versions of WinZipNT would enable this
      translation by default.  If you are using WinZipNT, disable it.
      (I don't have WinZipNT myself, and I do not know the specific
      commands necessary to disable it.)"

FYI - My WinZip version is "8.1 (4331)" - a few years old. The latest
version available is 11.1.

I wonder if the README.W32 text shouldn't say which WinZip versions are
problematic (e.g. prior to version ___)?

Wrt how to disable it: I found, at least in my version, that the
Miscellaneous tab of the Configuration dialog box has a check box "TAR file
smart CR/LF conversion", which I assume is the problem (it was checked).

Thanks again. Sorry for the false route, but perhaps this will help in some

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