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solved: Re: emacs 22.1 hogging CPU

From: David L
Subject: solved: Re: emacs 22.1 hogging CPU
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 18:26:19 -0700

David L wrote:
> One of my co-workers is logged into my machine running emacs and
> it is his session that is hogging the CPU.

Is your co-worker using an old version of semantic?

Although I don't have enough statistics to say for sure,
changing from cedet 1.0pre3 to pre4 seems to have
fixed the emacs CPU hogging problem.  Thanks for
the feedback.  If I see the problem again, I'll follow
up again after running gdb on emacs as RMS



PS - Sorry if this was not the appropriate mailing
list to report this problem.

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