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Missing xsm compatibility

From: Arne Schmitz
Subject: Missing xsm compatibility
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 16:23:40 +0200
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What I did:

Run Emacs (CVS snapshot), open some files, use desktop-save to initially
save the current desktop. Close Emacs with C-x C-c.
Then open Emacs again, it restores the desktop. Open some other files in
Emacs. Now shut down the running KDE session, and log into KDE again.

What I expected:

Upon shutdown of the KDE session I expected Emacs to save the desktop, just
like it does when I hit C-x C-c.

What I got instead:

After logging into KDE again, Emacs shows me the desktop when I last
manually called desktop-save or quit manually with C-x C-c.


Better session management capabilities for Emacs might be needed? I am
totally unaware of Emacs' inner workings, so maybe someone else can shed
some more light on this. 
However, the main problem is: Emacs does not return to the state it was in,
when the X / KDE-session was shut down, and this is in my opinion a

Best regards,


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