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Re: Characterset for Abbrevation names limited

From: Wilmar Igl
Subject: Re: Characterset for Abbrevation names limited
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 17:08:10 +0200
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Dear Glenn,

thanks for the info. In this case I'd suggest to change the prompt
of global-add-abbrev from e.g.:

M-x Global abbrev for "Desoxyribonucleicacid":


M-x Global abbrev for "Desoxyribonucleicacid" (only letters [a-Z][0-9]):

and/or include a similar comment into the function description.
Otherwise an uninformed user might use the unsupported characters like [!"#%&/] and register the failure of the function and interpret it as a bug.



Glenn Morris skrev:
Wilmar Igl wrote:

sofar it is not possible to use characters other the [a-Z][0-9] as names of abbreviations when using <add-global-abbreviation>. To avoid conflicts with emacs abbreviations and other acronyms used in the text I would suggest to allow non-alphabetical/non-number characters like, [!"#%&/].

It's not that simple. Because of the way abbrevs are expanded, the
characters in an abbrev must all be recognized as part of a word.
So in general it's not possible to allow arbitrary characters (eg `!')
in abbrevs. In specific modes that change the syntax of some
characters to be word constituents, these characters can be used in

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