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Re: Erroneous selection extension in Emacs version 22.1 for Win32

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Erroneous selection extension in Emacs version 22.1 for Win32
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 14:04:15 +0200
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> Hello,
> I sent you a previous post, but it may have been premature. I think that your 
patch results in at least much better behavior. I will observe it for some time, 
and give you my final verdict in a day or two.

Your recipe for producing the bug was overly difficult ;-)

To reproduce the bug proceed as follows (without my patch, obviously):

With emacs -Q insert the following line in *scratch*

(overlay-put mouse-drag-overlay 'face 'isearch)

put the cursor after it and hit C-x C-e (`eval-last-sexp').

Make sure that `transient-mark-mode' is off (it is by default).

Now mark the line with the left mouse button (`mouse-set-region').  It
should be highlighted in the face `isearch' (some kind of magenta on my
system).  Click the left mouse button and the highlighting should
disappear.  Everything's nice.

Now again mark the line as above.  When you _release_ the left button
the line should be highlighted in `region' face (a goldenrod on my
system).  Look at the value of `transient-mark-mode'.  It should be
'identity.  If you look at the menu bar's

Options -> Active Region Highlighting

you will see that it's checked: `mouse-drag-track' has "turned on"
`transient-mark-mode'.  In your original report you observed a marking
behavior as with `transient-mark-mode' on (which is a real pain, BTW).
The funny thing about this is that for some three years people who had
`transient-mark-mode' disabled, actually did use `transient-mark-mode'
(admittedly only those who used `mouse-set-region').

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