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GUD mode bug

From: Joonhwan Lee
Subject: GUD mode bug
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 20:46:06 +0900


M-x dbx
dbx -c "runargs -simu; run" path-to-the-debuggee

Above workflow doesn't work on Emacs 22.1.1

I found something in gud.el, look at this.

;; Perform initializations common to all debuggers.
;; The first arg is the specified command line,
;; which starts with the program to debug.
;; The other three args specify the values to use
;; for local variables in the debugger buffer.
(defun gud-common-init (command-line massage-args marker-filter
                     &optional find-file)
  (let* ((words (split-string command-line))
     (program (car words))
     (dir default-directory)
     ;; Extract the file name from WORDS
     ;; and put t in its place.
     ;; Later on we will put the modified file name arg back there.
     (file-word (let ((w (cdr words)))
              (while (and w (= ?- (aref (car w) 0)))
            (setq w (cdr w)))

From above,  variable "command-line" is converted into list. But Just "Split-String" by default separator.

In the end, because the quote in my original dbx execution, output list by split-string was

("-c" "\"runargs" "-simu;" "run\"" "path-to-the-debuggee)

instead of

("-c" "runargs -simu; run" "path-to-the-debuggee")

which is actually correct for (start-process) to be called with

Thanks Emacs Team

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