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RE: GUD mode bug

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: RE: GUD mode bug
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 20:43:03 +1200

 > In my previous example, the name of debuggee should be the last
 > one(path-to-the-debuggee)
 > But with above code, gud thought it is "runargs -simu; run" 'cause it
 > doesn't start with hypen.

It looks like the problem wasn't as simple as you originally suggested.  No
matter, I think we needed to make that change for other reasons, anyway.

 > btw, It seems to me that it may be a little hard to introduce a general way
 > of extracting the name of debuggee.
 > Any idea? maybe user-configurable predicator for this?

Without the hypen Emacs has no real way of knowing that the isn't the name
of the program being debugged.

I have a suggestion though, which is use gdb.  AFAIK, dbx isn't free software
and (maybe RMS will comment) support for it could be removed from Emacs at some
stage in the future.

I'm no longer familiar with dbx but I guess your construct means "run my
program under dbx with the program argument -simu".

Here's how to do that with gdb:


gdb path-to-the-debuggee

Then at the gdb prompt:

(gdb) r -simu
Starting program: path-to-the-debuggee -simu

This _can_ be parsed easily by Emacs and will also enable you to use the GDB
graphical interface that is new to Emacs 22.1.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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