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Inconvenience with TRAMP and recentf

From: Alan Hadsell
Subject: Inconvenience with TRAMP and recentf
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 18:15:11 -0400
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I'm running emacs 22.1 on Windows, and have recentf turned on.  If
recentf-auto-cleanup is configured with its default, there is a delay
during emacs startup when there are TRAMP-accessed files in the recent
file list.  

This delay is due to the operation of recentf-cleanup, which calls
expand-file-name to canonicalize the names of all the files in its
list.  TRAMP intercepts this call, and opens a session to the remote
host (unless one is already open).  

There are several workarounds for this problem: I can reconfigure
recentf-auto-cleanup to 'never, or exclude TRAMP files from the
recentf list; neither of these approaches is really appealing.  I'm
sure there are other ways, too.

I was thinking to add a boolean recentf-cleanup-local-files-only,
which would allow us to avoid trying to do cleanup for TRAMP files.
Before I go away to hack on that solution, does anyone have a better

Alan Hadsell

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