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Re: Setting term-default-fg-color/term-default-bg-color has no effect

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: Setting term-default-fg-color/term-default-bg-color has no effect
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2007 10:28:51 -0700

Peter Povinec <address@hidden> writes:

  > Hi!
  > I use ansi-term a lot and like to have different color scheme for my term
  > buffers.  After upgrading to Emacs22 from 21.4 I notice that my setting of
  > term-default-fg-color/term-default-bg-color no longer has any effect.  I 
  > no documentation stating that it was not supported in Emacs22, so I suppose 
  > is a bug. 
  > I looked at the old 21.4 code and based on that created the following 
  > patch, which is satisfactory in addressing the issue.  

Can you please describe exactly what are you doing and how? How did
you test your patch? 

  > 2007-06-25  Peter Povinec  <ppovinec <at> yahoo.com>
  >     * term.el: Honor term-default-fg-color and term-default-bg-color
  >     settings when modifying term-current-face.

Please look at the other ChangeLog entries in emacs, it should
describe the changes to each function/variable

  > ! (defcustom term-default-fg-color (face-foreground term-current-face)
  >     "Default color for foreground in `term'."
  >     :group 'term
  >     :type 'string)
  > ! (defcustom term-default-bg-color (face-background term-current-face)
  >     "Default color for background in `term'."
  >     :group 'term
  >     :type 'string)

This can't be right, term-current-face is nil when term.el is

  > + ;;; Start with requested fg/bg.
  > + (setq term-current-face (list :background term-default-bg-color 
  > +                               :foreground term-default-fg-color))

We don't want forms that have side effects at the top level...



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