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Telnet mode (rsh/ssh).

From: David Keegan
Subject: Telnet mode (rsh/ssh).
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 22:48:50 +0100


Since moving from emacs-21.4 to emacs-22 two features of
telnet mode are giving me trouble:

1. M-p Used to insert the previous command after the prompt.
Now it inserts at the beginning of the line in front of the
prompt, rendering it useless.

2. If I type RET at the prompt without entering a command, a
new prompt appears on the same line. It used to appear on a
new line. It's as if the empty command isn't being sent to
the process.

I'm looking for suggestions for avoiding this behaviour.

David Keegan.
[David Keegan address@hidden 353 1 2988743]
[56 Roebuck Downs Dublin 14 IRELAND]

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