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Broken tooltips with dual-head on MS Windows

From: Neil Roberts
Subject: Broken tooltips with dual-head on MS Windows
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 12:24:51 +0100
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I found a few problems with the positioning of tooltips when more than
one monitor is used under Windows. The current code seems to only take
into account the dimensions of the primary display so that for example
if the cursor is to the right of the primary display then it will
always think the tooltip doesn't fit and it will always move it to the
left of the cursor. Also, if there is a display to the left of the
primary display then all of the coordinates on that display are
negative but Emacs won't let the tooltip be positioned at a
co-ordinate less than zero so the tooltip is placed in the wrong

I've made a little patch to the compute_tip_xy function to make it use
the multi-monitor API so that it can correctly position the tooltip
within the display containing the cursor. The API is checked for
dynamically using GetProcAddress so that it can still work under
Windows 95 where it isn't available. I'm not sure if the rest of Emacs
still supports Win95 so it could be tidied up if this isn't necessary.

- Neil

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