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Re: image-dired does not rotate the original image

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: image-dired does not rotate the original image
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 15:52:16 +0200

Why can't you just use convert?  It's needed for the image-dired
thumbs anyway, is it too slow?

As I mentioned earlier, jpegtran does lossless rotation, something
`convert' cannot do (or could not the last time I checked). The point
of the R and L commands are to rotate the original file, it was not
intended for rotating the displayed image. The only such command that
exist yet is the rotation of the thumbnails.

OK, installed libjpeg-progs and it works now, thanks.  But its a bit
awkward since I'm constantly asked whether I'd like to change the
original file and when I decline the rotated display is again

That is because I designed that command to rotate the original, it was
not intended for rotate of the displayed image, for view purposes.
That is why you get the confirmation, because it will overwrite the
original file. Maybe this was not the best design decision but it was
what I wanted/needed when I implemented it. Feel free to write a new
command if you like, the code for rotating is there for thumbnails

Does it make sense to check the existence of the needed image-magick
and jpegtran executables with the Emacs configure script?

`image-dired.el' should make more sanity checks in this area, that is
what is missing. I was too lazy to add them...


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