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Re: C-comments in sgml-mode's html-mode

From: Edward Welbourne
Subject: Re: C-comments in sgml-mode's html-mode
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 17:46:36 +0200

> If you put point in the help buffer at `css-mode.el' and press RET it 
> will open the file css-mode.el. Could you please look at the beginning 
> of that file and show us what it says (version, author etc)?

(defvar cssm-version "0.11.zap1"
  "The current version number of css-mode.")
;;; copyright (c) 1998 Lars Marius Garshol, address@hidden
;;; $Id: css-mode.el,v 1.9 2000/01/05 21:21:56 larsga Exp $
;;; Modified by John Zaitseff, 3rd November 2004.

and I can confirm <quote src="C-h v cssm-version RET">

cssm-version is a variable defined in `css-mode.el'.
Its value is "0.11.zap1"

The current version number of css-mode.

</quote> and this coincides with what I find early in
shortly after

;;; Compiled by address@hidden on Wed Jul 18 10:39:53 2007
;;; from file /usr/share/emacs22/site-lisp/css-mode/css-mode.el
;;; in Emacs version 22.1.1
;;; with all optimizations.

which is odd, because the .el file it mentions doesn't exist.  In
load-path, "/usr/share/emacs22/site-lisp/css-mode" appears before

> If you in this file do

>    C-h v buffer-file-name RET

> you can see where that file is located.

buffer-file-name is a variable defined in `C source code'.
Its value is 
Local in buffer css-mode.el; global value is nil
Automatically becomes buffer-local when set in any fashion.

Name of file visited in current buffer, or nil if not visiting a file.

> This does not happen for me when starting with emacs -q. Nor does it 
> happen for you with -Q.

confirmed, also for .mk; and also using --no-site-file instead of -q
or -Q (so my .emacs is innocent :-)

> Can you please do

>    M-x find-library RET site-start RET

> and show us the file?

<quote src="/etc/emacs/site-start.el">

;; Emacsen independent startup file.  All of the various installed
;; flavors of emacs (emacs 19, emacs 20, xemacs) will load this file
;; at startup.  Make sure any code you put here is emacs flavor
;; independent.

;; Package maintainers: do not have Debian packages edit this file.
;; See the policy manual for the proper way to handle Emacs package
;; initialization code.

</quote> containing *no* code.  The policy document referenced is
and makes clear that this file is "the sole domain of the local system
admin" which would fit with it being empty.  I configure ~/.emacs
rather than the site ...


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