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Re: Setting term-default-fg-color/term-default-bg-color has no effect

From: Peter Povinec
Subject: Re: Setting term-default-fg-color/term-default-bg-color has no effect
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 17:50:43 -0700 (PDT)

> I tested your changes by setting term-default-fg-color to blue and
> term-default-bg-color to red on an emacs run with -Q and comparing
> with running various curses applications in M-x term and "xterm -fg
> blue -bg red". The results are not the same.  
Please be specific: what applications and how were the results different?  I'd
just like to know.

> The problem is that the screen is updated in a lot of places in
> term.el not only term-handle-colors-array. So this could not have
> worked correctly in emacs 21 either.
That is quite possible.  The patch I submitted was intended to merely remove
the regression in functionality introduced in Emacs 22.  I believe it does
that and is useful on its own, whether additional color handling fixes are
applied or not. 

> Given that AFAIK nothing else in emacs changes the default foreground
> and background for a buffer, it's kind of hard to find a convincing
> argument that such a feature is needed for term.el. It can probably be
> done with some effort, but is it worth the added complexity? Not
> sure... 
The additional complexity introduced by the patch is negligible.  We can look
at what it would take to fix the other color related issues you have seen, but
if those existed in version 21, I'd say they are separate issues and should be
treated as such.


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