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Re: Setting term-default-fg-color/term-default-bg-color has no effect

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: Setting term-default-fg-color/term-default-bg-color has no effect
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 19:28:40 -0700

Peter Povinec <address@hidden> writes:

  > > I tested your changes by setting term-default-fg-color to blue and
  > > term-default-bg-color to red on an emacs run with -Q and comparing
  > > with running various curses applications in M-x term and "xterm -fg
  > > blue -bg red". The results are not the same.  
  > Please be specific: what applications and how were the results different?  
  > just like to know.

I tried "emacs -nw", all empty lines did not use term-default-bg-color.

  > > The problem is that the screen is updated in a lot of places in
  > > term.el not only term-handle-colors-array. So this could not have
  > > worked correctly in emacs 21 either.
  > That is quite possible.  The patch I submitted was intended to merely remove
  > the regression in functionality introduced in Emacs 22.  I believe it does
  > that and is useful on its own, whether additional color handling fixes are
  > applied or not. 

It's hard to call a regression replacing one type of broken
behavior with another type of just slightly different broken

  > > Given that AFAIK nothing else in emacs changes the default foreground
  > > and background for a buffer, it's kind of hard to find a convincing
  > > argument that such a feature is needed for term.el. It can probably be
  > > done with some effort, but is it worth the added complexity? Not
  > > sure... 
  > The additional complexity introduced by the patch is negligible.  We can 
  > at what it would take to fix the other color related issues you have seen, 
  > if those existed in version 21, I'd say they are separate issues and should 
  > treated as such.

I only see 2 possible fixes for this: either a patch that makes
changing the default fg and bg for M-x term work correctly, or simply
removing this configurability for the user. Anything else seems to be
just busy work. As I said, I am inclined to believe that the right
thing to do is the latter.

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