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Re: server.el hardcodes directory /tmp

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: server.el hardcodes directory /tmp
Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2007 00:47:55 +0300

> Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 14:40:56 +0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time)
> From: Klaus Straubinger <address@hidden>
> Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:
> > server-socket-dir is not used on Windows, AFAIK (it is pertinent to
> > the method of communicating between emacsclient and the server that
> > cannot work on Windows)
> As of Emacs 22.1, this is correct. But it may change in the future.

It can only change if some future version of Windows implements Unix
sockets.  I find this unlikely, to say the least.

> > so I think it's okay for it to cater only for Unix and GNU systems.
> Emacs runs on many different operating systems.

They are all either Posix or DOS/Windows.

> > As to server-temp-file-regexp, it sounds like it is specific to
> > certain applications other than Emacs which use temporary file names
> > that match this regexp.
> The documentation of this variable is not entirely clear to me.
> It does not tell me in which way the files that match this regexp
> are handled differently than all other files.

They are backed up unconditionally without asking any questions (see
server-done), but I must admit I don't fully understand the reasons,

> > The reason I'm asking is that making this regexp be more
> > Windows-friendly requires one to know where do the applications for
> > which this option was introduced store their temporary files.
> For which Unix/GNU applications does the default apply?

server-edit mentions MH in its doc string.

> >> My suggestion would be to use the variable temporary-file-directory
> >> instead.
> >
> > Assuming the respective applications put their files there on Windows,
> > I agree.
> It could only be an improvement. For typical Unix/GNU systems,
> temporary-file-directory is set to "/tmp/" anyway.

Sorry, I don't like making changes I don't understand.

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