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RE: emacs 22.1 on hp-ux 11.11 core dumps when DISPLAY not set

From: WAROQUIERS Philippe
Subject: RE: emacs 22.1 on hp-ux 11.11 core dumps when DISPLAY not set
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 09:39:08 +0200

>Please try to debug it and find the cause.
>First I suggest recompiling using -g.
>That means the .gdbinit file wasn't found or didn't work.
>Please try to figure out why.

.gdbinit was not found because I was not in the good directory.

After recompiling with debug and using gdb, I was able to see
what is happening, and tested a fix.

The problem is that when emacs starts up without DISPLAY, it calls
the function tty_default_color_capabilities.
For a reason not clear to me (my knowledge of C is *very* rusty),
the static local variables in tty_default_color_capabilities are
not properly initialized to NULL or 0 at startup.

I first tried to just put a  " = NULL;" and a "= 0;"
but that did not solve the problem.

At the end, the problem was solved by moving the static variables
just before the function tty_default_color_capabilities 
(and also initializing them to NULL/0).

In other words, the below fixes the problem:

/* Save or restore the default color-related capabilities of this
   terminal.  */
  static char
    *default_orig_pair, *default_set_foreground, *default_set_background
= NULL; /* need init ??? */
  static int default_max_colors, default_max_pairs,
default_no_color_video = 0; /* need init ??? */
static void
tty_default_color_capabilities (save)
     int save;

  if (save)
      if (default_orig_pair)

As I do not understand too much the problem, if you need any other
investigation, I can
always see what I can do.

Thanks for your help ...


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