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Suggestion: splash-screen

From: ESCOUFLAIRE Pierre-Louis
Subject: Suggestion: splash-screen
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 12:54:31 +0200
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While using emacs-22.1, I had this "problem":
  . calling emacs (no arguments):
      A splash-screen appears, which is perfectly normal.
  . calling emacs <filename>:
      A splash-screen appears, which is a regression from emacs-21.
      emacs waits for an input event to open associated buffer.

I think that users requesting a file expect that file to be opened
directly without having the splash-screen. I know that setting the
'inhibit-startup-message' to 't' will avoid this problem but some
configuration are using this splash-screen and can be annoying in
certain cases (such as loading an elisp diff script in emacs from
command line).

Newcomers to emacs are generally using 'emacs' with no arguments on
their first use of it so they would see the splash-screen. Plus, they
still can use the Help menu for tutorial. Thus, I do not think it is a
good idea to display this splash-screen when given a <filename>.

Thanks for your concern.



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