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Re: Suggestion: elisp files compression

From: ESCOUFLAIRE Pierre-Louis
Subject: Re: Suggestion: elisp files compression
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 08:58:01 +0200
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"A picture is sometimes more valuable than 1,000 words", :) then...

The `ediff-util.el.gz' emacs byte-compilation (using the menu item in ``Emacs-Lisp") reproduces the problem and outputs the following error message:

Compiling file /home/esf/emacs-test/ediff-util.el.gz at Mon Aug 13 08:28:10 2007
ediff-util.el.gz:68:32:Error: Cannot open load file: ediff-init.el

Note that the 'ediff-init.el.gz' file is in the same directory.
Then, what I mean by transparency is that it cannot open the gzipped file corresponding to the non-gzipped one.

A bit deeper into `ediff-util.el.gz' (line 68) shows a difference with previous lines that use `nil` rather than `'noerror` (column 32) and the `load` function description says:

If optional second arg NOERROR is non-nil,
report no error if FILE doesn't exist.

I am not sure to fully understand the meaning of the description (report no error = do not report error ?) but this could be a problem from NOERROR that should not report an error.

Thanks for your time and concern.


Richard Stallman wrote:
The problem is that navigating through gzipped elisp source files is transparent but byte-compiling them is not (for files with dependencies).

I don't really understand what that means.  Could you explain?
Could you state a precise test case?


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