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RE: ada-mode ada-initialize-properties has an error with read-only files

From: WAROQUIERS Philippe
Subject: RE: ada-mode ada-initialize-properties has an error with read-only files
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 21:51:02 +0200

> > We have encountered a small problem with the ada-mode and emacs 22.
> > When an Ada file is visited in emacs (in this case, I find this file
> > with M-x find-tag) and this Ada file is a read-only file,
> > we see an error message appearing in the mini-buffer/*Messages*:
> > File mode specification error: (buffer-read-only #<buffer 
> >
> > After investigation, we see that this error message is produced
> > by ada-initialize-properties.
>I've been looking into this and noted that handling syntax-table
>properties seems completely broken unless done by font-lock.  Could you
>please try the attached patch and tell me whether it gives good results
>with font-lock-mode enabled _and_ disabled.  Thanks.

I have done the following:
  * applied the patch on ada-mode.el
  * started emacs -Q
  * M-x load-file ada-mode.el
  * loaded an Ada file
  * re-indented the complete buffer (with font-lock enabled)
     => indentation was correctly done.
  * put the cursor inside a single character (e.g. 'a')
     + evaluated (ada-in-string-p) before a, on a, after a.
      => expected result obtained.
  * did the same tests after having disabled font-lock mode
    Obtained same results except that re-indenting without font-lock
    is a *lot* slower.

So, from what I can see with this little test, the patch seems ok
(assuming I have done some relevant tests).

Thanks for your work ...


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