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Emacs CVS: etc/NEWS typo Orgtbl-mode

From: Jari Aalto
Subject: Emacs CVS: etc/NEWS typo Orgtbl-mode
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 03:58:51 +0300
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Fix against CVS as of 2007-08-28--0249

2007-08-28  Jari Aalto  <address@hidden>

        * NEWS.22 (Org mode is now part of the Emacs distribution):
        Change Orgtbl-mode to orgtbl-mode.

diff --git a/NEWS.22 b/NEWS.22
index 6009fea..12b2044 100644
--- a/NEWS.22
+++ b/NEWS.22
@@ -1649,7 +1649,7 @@ It also contains a plain-text table editor with 
 The Org mode table editor can be integrated into any major mode by
-activating the minor Orgtbl-mode.
+activating the minor orgtbl-mode.
 The documentation for org-mode is in a separate manual; within Emacs,
 type "C-h i m org RET" to read that manual.  A reference card is

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