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Re: View-quit in *Help* restores wrong window when display-buffer-reuse-

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: View-quit in *Help* restores wrong window when display-buffer-reuse-frames is t
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 08:32:09 +0200
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>>>emacs -Q
>>>C-h find-file
>>>C-x 1
>>>C-x b *Help*
>>>-> "q" has no effect at all
>>I cannot reproduce this, my Emacs has "q" display *scratch* instead.
> I see the above behaviour in Emacs-22.1. After applying your patches,
> it's better in that the above works correctly, but if I repeat the
> `C-x b *Help*' a second time, then `q' has no effect. Do you see that?

Yes.  The problem is that `view-exit-action' is reset to nil after
exiting once.  This is hardly TRT when the buffer is _not_ killed.
Hence we could simplify the tail of `view-mode-exit' to

      (when exit-action
        (funcall exit-action buffer))

Since `view-exit-action' is buffer-local I don't see any problems either
when the buffer _is_ killed.

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