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Re: mark_object crash in 22.1 and latest CVS (as of tonight)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: mark_object crash in 22.1 and latest CVS (as of tonight)
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 17:03:37 -0500
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>> The first questions are, what object contains the bad pointer?
>> What data type is it?  What data structure is it part of?

> The gdb pr output near the end of the attachment in my first message
> shows it is part of a list, which, in turn, is part of a buffer.  I assumed
> someone would recognize WHAT part of a buffer from the contents of the,
> list, a mixture of conses with marker-in-no-buffer in the car of some and
> Lisp_Misc_Free  in the car of others, the cdr's being negative numbers
> of pretty small absolute magnitude.  If it isn't recognizable from its 
> contents,
> I'll have to wait till I'm next at work to find out exactly which slot
> in the buffer
> this list comes from using gdb.

Sounds like the contents of the buffer-undo-list.  Especially since this
variable is GC'd specially and getting it right is tricky.


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