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negative impact of process-adaptive-read-buffering=t on AIX

From: Gilles Pion
Subject: negative impact of process-adaptive-read-buffering=t on AIX
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 00:58:40 -0800 (PST)

(using Emacs version: GNU Emacs (powerpc-ibm-aix5.3.0.0, X
toolkit), compiled directly from source fetched from CVS)

Since I had to migrate from Solaris to AIX I have noticed *very* poor tty
output performance inside emacs subprocesses. (using
process-connection-type=nil worked but I *need* a tty in many situations) 
I've upgraded from emacs-22 to version 23 hoping better results without any

Yesterday, grepping inside the sources I've noticed this option:
"process-adaptive-read-buffering", but since the default value was already
the "supposed to be optimal" one, I've made a test with the "unoptimized"
value (nil), and strangely, it solved all my problems!

For example, using command "ps -ef" inside a shell buffer, gives:

with process-adaptive-read-buffering = t
elapsed:        69 sec

with process-adaptive-read-buffering = nil
elapsed:        10 sec

Is the documentation of the parameter incorrect or maybe the AIX
implementation broken? 

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