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Re: address@hidden: Failure to show "German Umlaute"]

From: Joachim Reiter
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Failure to show "German Umlaute"]
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 20:36:29 +0100
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at 17.11.2007 17:24 Reiner Steib wrote:


> Joachim, does turning of "ClearType" solve the problem?

> ,----[ etc/PROBLEMS: Known problems with the MS-Windows port of Emacs 22.1 ]
> | When "ClearType" method is selected as the "method to smooth edges of
> | screen fonts" (in Display Properties, Appearance tab, under
> | "Effects"), there are various problems related to display of
> | characters: 2-pixel trace is left behind when moving overlays, bold
> | fonts can be hard to read, small portions of some characters could
> | appear chopped, etc.  This happens because, under ClearType,
> | characters are drawn outside their advertised bounding box.  Emacs 21
> | disabled the use of ClearType, whereas Emacs 22 allows it and has some
> | code to enlarge the width of the bounding box.  Apparently, this
> | display feature needs more changes to get it 100% right.  A workaround
> | is to disable ClearType.
> `----

Of course, this solved the problem now!

Sorry, that I have not read the known problems where the failure is

At first, I use this configuration (disabled ClearType) in future so I
havent tnis problem I have before. But this Look is very 'ugly' you can see


'Ugly' means in a total-appearance.

Again sorry for my bad english :-/

With friendly Greetings
Joachim Reiter

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