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Re: address@hidden: Failure to show "German Umlaute"]

From: Joachim Reiter
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Failure to show "German Umlaute"]
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 15:20:30 +0100
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at 18.11.2007 20:39 Joachim Reiter wrote:

> Hello,

> at 17.11.2007 17:24 Reiner Steib wrote:

>> On Sat, Nov 17 2007, Jason Rumney wrote:

>>> It's not clear to me what the bug is. The umlauts are clearly visible in

> ...

>> Joachim, does turning of "ClearType" solve the problem?

> ...

> In my e-Mail I wrote to you I call, the problem is solved, so I will
> disable the 'ClearType'.

> Now, there a new problem is occured, you can see at

> www.hobbyecke-pc.de/images/Screensh4.png

> If I write in a column a ',' and under it in next column there is a 'h',
> the higher pixels from the 'h' are cutted!

> I think, the problem is the font 'Courier New', no matter, I use
> 'ClearType' or not!

> Eli Zaretskii wrotes to Jason Rumney, perhaps it will better to use a
> fixed-width font its better as 'Courier New'! I think this too and will
> do so.

I'm really sorry - After this, Sven Joachim is asking me, if the 'h', I
told, maybe is an 'n', I proofed this by using 'M-x describe-char'

The Failure is not by fonts or Gnus or Display-Configuration, the
failure was sitting in front of my PC - The letter I told exactly was an
'n', so there are no more failures. I hope, you forgive me my helpness
as an Newbie.

With friendly Greetings
Joachim Reiter

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