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Re: pcl-cvs signaling obsolete dirs as "new-dir Need-Update"

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: pcl-cvs signaling obsolete dirs as "new-dir Need-Update"
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 21:51:49 -0500
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> In version 22.1.1: when running cvs-examine, pcl-cvs reports
> directories with only files in the Attic as "new-dir Need-Update".
> This is wasn't the case in earlier versions (21?) and the new behavior
> is very counter-productive.

> This issue has already been discussed there (for 22.0.50):
> http://www.gatago.org/gnu/emacs/help/9708831.html
> It includes a patch, but it seems to be in the 22.1 base and the
> problem is still there, and I actually don't see how it was related to
> this behaviour.

It includes more than a patch, it includes the solution:

   Yes, it's annoying, but it can be very useful if it really means what
   it says.  To get rid of the warning, add the entry to the .cvsignore
   file (with a final /).

The problem really is in CVS itself.


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