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Re: longlines-mode and comments

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: longlines-mode and comments
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 07:22:30 +0000

On 29 Nov 2007, at 10:34, martin rudalics wrote:

(Also, when `longlines-wrap-follows-window-size' is turned on, then the line/paragraph is reformatted.) The expected (correct) behavior would be to add the comment command at the beginning of the line in the file, i.e. at the beginning of the paragraph, that is, after each hard return. Note that the other expected thing there is that the syntax highlighting (font-lock) works, i.e. that the whole comment is shown using the right face. This, IMHO, is a second bug.

It's hardly trivial.  Have a look at the thread starting with:


Sure, one can fix longlines to deal with further eventualities. But each of them is going to be a further hack, because code everywhere assumes that a line in the buffer is a line in the file, and everything else would be a lot more complicated.

Longlines mode has a number of shortcomings that can't be addressed within the current architecture: for instance it looks rather bad with variable-width fonts and with different font sizes in the buffer, for instance when editing long LaTeX documents using AUCTeX.

The alternative is display-time word wrap (DTWW), and Kim Storm has developed a patch that was supposed to be applied after the 22.1 release:


There was a good discussion in 2005 with the same conclusion:


I wish this could be updated and applied. Every modern text editor has this. It is really needed when you want to write text and not code on non-TTY displays.

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