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Re: Several problems in KDE/KWin

From: Dr. Werner Fink
Subject: Re: Several problems in KDE/KWin
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 15:57:57 +0100
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On Wed, Dec 05, 2007 at 05:54:20PM +0100, Dr. Werner Fink wrote:
> Two problems have beem seen:
>   Emacs does not keep the "iconic" information in KDE/KWin
>   Emacs does not un-maximize in KDE/KWin
> When starting emacs in kde in the background iconified like:
>  emacs --iconic &
> it shows only in the menu-bar of kde but not in the screen (by intent). Now, 
> if
> I save the desktop configuration, quit kde and start it again, emacs is 
> startet
> - what is expected - but not iconified - what is not expected.
> After maximizing an emacs window, it is not possible to un-maximise it.
> It may depend on font size and desktop geometry.  I have these in
> Xresources:
>  Emacs.font:     10x20
>  Emacs.geometry: 80x38
>  Size of desktop is 1400x1050.
> The symptom is that after maximizing, the "maximize/un-maximize" button stays
> in the "maximize" state (one square), intead of going to the "un-maximize"
> state (two squares).

Just found out that the second problem depends on the max resize
request send from KWin. Im my test case this is 1680x975 but
emacs with gtk response with 1672x962 which seems to leave the
KWin in the state `not maximized' which leads on the next press
on the min/max button to a further maximize.

How this problem can be solved?  This problem does not happen
without gtk but X standard toolkit.  The later seems to add
the remaining pixel to the internal border width/height.


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