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Re: switch-to-buffer-other-frame fails to pop-up window

From: Mark T. Kennedy
Subject: Re: switch-to-buffer-other-frame fails to pop-up window
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 15:11:34 -0500
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interesting that you've weighed in.  i read a lot of your code while converting 
my .emacs from v21
to v22.  you've certainly confronted the buffer/window/frame style question in 
depth.  and i'm
happily using many of your libraries.

Drew Adams wrote:
>> that would certainly provide a work-around and make me happy.
>> but i'm still curious why the intent of pop-up-frames is overridden by
>> display-buffer.  there has to be a reason lurking somewhere?
> I like the way it works. The use case is that what one is after is for the
> buffer to be displayed - that's all. I use non-nil `pop-up-frames' to have
> `display-buffer' show a buffer for the first time in a new frame, but not to
> always show a buffer in a new frame. That's what `pop-up-frames' is about.

i'm not saying that use case isn't valid.  i'm saying there is a clash
between the word "other" in "switch-to-buffer-other-frame" and that use
case.  there is no "other" frame in the example martin gave and the use
case you prefer.  and i'm supporting my case by drawing an analogy to
the behavior of "c-x 4 b" where two windows are *always* involved.

> BTW, this is not `display-buffer' _overriding_ `pop-up-frames'; the latter
> is made for the former. `pop-up-frames' has no meaning other than for
> `display-buffer'.
> The relevant doc is the doc string of `display-buffer'. The doc string of
> `pop-up-frames' tries to take the shortcut of referring to `display-buffer',
> but it should be clearer about what happens if the buffer is already shown
> in a frame somewhere. The doc string of `display-buffer' is clear about
> this:
>  "If `pop-up-frames' is non-nil, make a new frame
>   if no window shows BUFFER."
> It is the last bit of the logic ("if no window shows BUFFER") that is
> missing from the doc string of `pop-up-frames'.


> In principle, we could add a new `force' value for `pop-up-frames'. But
> there is  existing code that tests `pop-up-frames' and assumes the current
> behavior. In some cases, it uses `pop-up-frames' as a guide to user
> intentions and practice wrt frames in general. At least some of that code
> would likely need to be revisited, to see if the test is still sufficient or
> should be changed to test non-nil and non-`force'.

you better than anyone should have a feel for the right thing to do.
from what i can tell from a pass through the emacsWiki, you're the
buffer/window/frame usage style guru.

i tend to keep one file (buffer) per frame. i like to have help & grep & apropos
and similar things pop up and down within the frame from which they were 
but i like "info" and "*Messages*" to be in separate, dedicated frames.  i also
find it convenient to have more than one top-level "info" frame.

what got me started down this entire path was an attempt at providing
per-frame help buffers.  i was annoyed when an existing help window
in frame X changed to the help response i generated when i invoked help
in frame Y.  i tried to take over 'help-buffer' from help-mode.el in order
to hide a per-frame help buffer name in a frame property.  but i
found that '(selected-frame)' returned the minibuffer frame when 'help-buffer' 
invoked rather than the frame from which "help" was invoked (i sent in a 
bug report for that but haven't heard anything about it yet).


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