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please help with keypad, num lock.

From: Jonathon Rohrbach
Subject: please help with keypad, num lock.
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 11:06:25 -0700

I've been using emacs as my editor for many years now, and I've always liked it. Now, I am accessing my computer remotely with TightVNC and my keyboard works just fine. When I use emacs over that connection, the keypad will only function as the action keys, [home], [end], etc... When I press [num lock] nothing happens. Not only do I not get numerical functionality of the keypaad, but it doesn't print any characters to the screen at all. I've tried it on several different computers.
I am using emacs version 21.3.1, running ice windows manager on a linux machine, remotely using a windows machine. The keypad works fine in xterms, web browsers, and all other applications. It's only a problem with emacs.
I've tried finding a keyword to set, but my version of emacs does not have the keywords I find in help pages online.

Any help would be appreciated.
-Jon Rohrbach

Astrophysics Graduate Student
Arizona State University
School of Earth and Space Exploration
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