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shell-mode flakey [was Re: message-confirm-send]

From: jidanni
Subject: shell-mode flakey [was Re: message-confirm-send]
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 13:24:30 +0800

RussA> I consider the rm -i alias to be useless.

Yeah well homeboy consider the case of emacs shell-mode as it offers
line buffering vs. character buffering, ideal for transpacific site

As one can not be exactly sure if "rm bla*" got sent intact as
sometimes has been my experience (bits of prompt sent, bits of command
not sent, but what can you demand it this cut and paste world), it's
nice to have the remote side ask you "are you sure?".

Indeed, even if I was using xterm, you never know what bumping the
mouse the wrong way might send from the current clipboard. Maybe SPACE
RETURN just when the cursor was in the wrong spot.

And of course for we Geritol clubbers, what if one becomes deceased
and one's chin hits SPC and nose hits RET. Do you want to be
remembered by your community club as that guy who deleted all the

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