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local variable for updating the time stamp on save (was: Re: HOW CAN I S

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: local variable for updating the time stamp on save (was: Re: HOW CAN I STOP THIS NOVICE MODE STUFF?)
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 22:55:19 -0800

Dan Nicolaescu <dann@ics.uci.edu> writes:

  > Bruce Korb <Bruce.Korb@gmail.com> writes:
  >   > Dan Nicolaescu wrote:
  >   > > It is, please send the list of variables that you have issues with.
  >   > > If such variables are defined in emacs itself, then the policy is to
  >   > > determine what type of arguments are safe for the variables. If the
  >   > > variables are defined in a package, then it is that package's duty to
  >   > > mark them as safe.
  >   > 
  >   > How does "the package" do that?  
  > Fro example
  > (put 'VARIABLE_NAME 'safe-local-variable 'integerp)
  > for a variable that is of type interger. There are many examples of this
  > in the emacs source code.
  >   > If the gnulib project doesn't do this, then which package providers
  >   > actually do know the code?
  > I can't parse this.

Hmm, so gnulib is a library (never heard of it before). I downloaded it
and looked at all the Local Variables section in all the files. Some of
the variables used were not marked as safe in Emacs, this was causing
warnings. I marked them as safe on the emacs-22.2 CVS branch. It will
get merged into CVS HEAD soon.

The only issue left with the local variables in gnulib is: 
# eval: (add-hook 'write-file-hooks 'time-stamp)

This cannot be marked as safe as it is.
Does anyone know if we already have a solution for something that
updates the time stamps when saving?
If not, do we want to add such a solution?
What would that solution be?

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